Death Certificates

In Georgia, statewide issuing of death certificates began in 1919. While some death records exist for earlier decades (principally materials collected by the State Board of Health from 1914 to 1919), most Athens-Clarke County death records date from the post-1919 era. Death records from 1919 to 1930 are indexed and available online at the Georgia Archives in Morrow, Georgia. Building from this dataset, The Athens Death Project has transcribed and datafied 3,405 death certificates for Athens Clarke County from the years 1919 to 1927.

First Name Last Name Occupation Race Sex Age at Death Cause of Death Address Funeral Home Cemetery
Evilin Young [Unknown] African American Female 0 Whooping cough Athens, GA Mack and Payne
Connie Wright Laborer African American Female 40 Heart, Child Birth Athens, GA Mack and Payne
Leila Wooten Caucasian Female 78 Hemorrhage, Brain 185 Grady Ave Bernstein Brothers
Charlie Woodley Laborer African American Male 50 Nephritis 230 Derby St Mack and Payne
R.H. Weir Housewife Caucasian Female 47 Paralysis, Bright's Disease 347 N Franklin St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Lula Walker Farmer Caucasian Female 23 Infection Statham, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Lula Mae Waddell Housework Caucasian Female 20 Meningitis 147 Morton Ave Dorsey Furniture Co.
C. M. Waddell Housewife Caucasian Female 40 Tuberculosis, Cancer [Unknown Address] Dorsey Furniture Co.
Austin H Vaughn Power Company Caucasian Male 36 Accident (electricity) [Unknown Address] McDorman Bridges Co.
Willut Turner African American Female 4 Nephritis 360 Lyndon Ave B. Dunaway and Sons
Cordelia Troutman Teacher Caucasian Female 60 Cancer Henderson Ave & S Harris St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Edd Tool Farmer Caucasian Male 63 Heart Estelle Ave & Tallassee Road B. Dunaway and Sons
F. F. Tolpher Government Work African American Male 38 Pneumonia North Ave & Madison Heights Mack and Payne
Lee Thomas Farmer African American Male 20 Accident (transportation) Clarke County, GA Mack and Payne
Bettie Neel Thomas Clerk African American Female 3 Diphtheria Clarke County, GA Mack and Payne
William T Therlkeld Farmer Caucasian Male 57 Bright's Disease 128 Miles St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Sack Taylor Domestic African American Female 45 Brain, Hemorrhage Bailey St & S Barnett Shoals Rd Bernstein Brothers
Alpheus Sturdivant Student Caucasian Male 28 Accident (drowning) Chipley, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Jessie Stroud African American Male 85 Natural Causes [Unknown Address] B. Dunaway and Sons
Hattie Strickland Housework Caucasian Female 36 Pneumonia [Unknown Address] D. E. Griffth [Davis E. Griffith]
F. L. Strebling Housewife Caucasian Female 34 Fatigue Danielsville, GA Davis E. Griffith
Nancy Str?Ndy Domestic African American Female 40 Heart, Dropsy 136 Plainview Rd., Commerce, GA B. Dunaway and Sons
Laura Stevens Domestic African American Female 77 Pneumonia 327 S Rocksprings St Bernstein Brothers
John H. Spratling Mill Employee Caucasian Male 78 Paralysis, Hemorrhage, Brain [Unknown Address] B. Dunaway and Sons
Sallie Spradling Laborer African American Female 50 Apoplexy Hoyt St & N Jackson St Mack and Payne
Wm H. Smith Farmer Caucasian Male 81 Brain, Hemorrhage Strong St & College Ave Dorsey Furniture Co.
Robert Holman Smith African American Male 0 Pneumonia Clarke County, GA B. Dunaway and Sons
Neel Smith Farmer African American Male 44 Heart W Broad St & Hawthorne Ave Mack and Payne
Minnie B. Smith African American Female 0 Fever [Unknown Address] C. V. Morris and Sons
Cora Smith Housework African American Female 20 Stomach 462 Cleveland Ave Mack and Payne
Amela Smith Housework African American Female 49 Meningitis 523 Arch St Bernstein Brothers
Sewell African American Male 0 [??] 208 Arch St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Louise B. Scott Housework Caucasian Female 19 Stomach Prince Ave & N Milledge Ave Bernstein Brothers
Eddie Roach Student African American Male 7 Pneumonia Burney St & Branch St Bernstein Brothers
Julia Richards Housewife African American Female 81 Old Age Athens, GA Mack and Payne
Geo. Richards African American Male 3 Accident (fire) [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Alsa F. Reddling Guard Caucasian Male 58 Aarteries, Heart, Bright's Disease Whitehall, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Hallie Ray Housework African American Female 27 Unknown, Natural Causes 429 Finley St Mack and Payne
William David Ramsey Sales Caucasian Male 66 Poisoning 158 Woodrow St McDorman Bridges Co.
William J. Procter Retired Caucasian Male 82 Cystitis 258 Springdale St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Hazel Cathrine Prickett Caucasian Female 0 Colitis Jefferson, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Sallie Mae Powell African American Female 1 Cholera [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Janie Griffeth Pittard Housework Caucasian Female 27 Stomach Philomath, GA Bernstein Brothers
Phillips Caucasian Female 0 Premature Athens, GA Bernstein Brothers
Paul Caucasian Male Stillborn [Unknown Address] Dorsey Furniture Co.
Willie Patman Laborer African American Male 33 Tuberculosis 168 John St Bernstein Brothers
Francis Parnell Domestic Caucasian Female 66 Cancer Nacoochee Ave & Nantahala Ave B. Dunaway and Sons
Scott Parks Laborer African American Male 75 Paralysis 248 Arch St B. Dunaway and Sons
Corrie Oglesby Housework African American Female 50 Paralysis Yonah Ave & Buena Vista Ave Bernstein Brothers
Katie Nowell Housework African American Female 60 Bright's Disease [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Paul W. Norman Sales Caucasian Male 41 Nephritis [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Laura Neely Seamstress African American Female 21 Tuberculosis Atlanta, GA W. P. Hopson
Harmon Neal African American Male 2 Marasmus [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Bula Morrow Domestic Caucasian Female 42 Heart, Lungs 168 Mitchell St B. Dunaway and Sons
Joe Mongumery Laborer African American Male 34 Tuberculosis 125 Lyndon Ave Mack and Payne
Mary Francis Mcintyre Domestic Caucasian Female 78 Bronchitis Hull Rd & Danielsville Rd B. Dunaway and Sons
Myrtis Mathews Housework Caucasian Female 19 Stomach Lexington, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
John ?. Makaffey Mail Carrier Caucasian Male 36 Cancer Atlanta, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Susia May Maceer Farmer African American Female 17 Brain Clarke County, GA Mack and Payne
Sallie Lumpkin Farmer African American Female 35 Tuberculosis Clarke County, GA Berry Lumpkin [relative] [family]
Pat Lee African American Male 70 Apoplexy [Unknown Address] Mack and Payne
Guy Kinney Farmer African American Male 26 Tuberculosis Clarke County, GA Mack and Payne
James R. King Reverend Caucasian Male 67 Paralysis [Unknown Address] B. Dunaway and Sons
Willis Gray Kimbro Clerk Caucasian Male 0 Stomach Union Point, GA Dunbar & Dunaway
Step Johnson [Unknown] African American Male 61 Heart, Dropsy [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Hattie Almon Johnson Domestic African American Female 31 Tuberculosis 127 Savannah Ave Mack and Payne
Emma Jane Johnson Housewife Caucasian Female 51 Tuberculosis 850 Boulevard Bernstein Brothers
Ellen Johnson [Unknown] African American Female 60 Pneumonia 335 Fairview St Mack and Payne
David Johnson African American Male 0 Premature [unknown Address] Dunbar & Dorsey
Will Jackson Laborer African American Male 40 Tuberculosis 121 Trail Creek St Mack and Payne
Arthur Jackson Janitor African American Male 20 Pneumonia Baxter St & S Milledge Ave Bernstein Brothers
Carrie Hunter Housewife African American Female 43 Heart, Asthma 150 Glenhaven Ave Mack and Payne
James Hughes Laborer African American Male 24 Pneumonia [Unknown Address] B. Dunaway and Sons
Charlie Hubbert Porter African American Male 53 Heart 330 Augusta Ave Mack and Payne
Sallie A. Howard Housework Caucasian Female 80 Cancer Prince Ave & N Milledge Ave Bernstein Brothers
Sarah Greer Holcamb Caucasian Female 0 Hemmorhage, Brain [Unknown Address] Dorsey Furniture Co.
Julia Holbrook Housewife African American Female 83 Cognitive 385 S Rockspring St Mack and Payne
Harriett Hince Caucasian Female 0 Convulsions [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Beatrice Hill Domestic Caucasian Female 46 Lungs, Pneumonia 164 Bryan St Bernstein Brothers
Wilma Hendrix Housewife Caucasian Female 21 Tuberculosis Lula, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Alice Fragier Laborer African American Female 39 Accident (car) 123 Indale Ave Mack and Payne
Laura Elder African American Female 78 Uremia, Stomach 431 N Peter St Bernstein Brothers
Virginia Davenport African American Female 1 Stomach N Chase St & Hill St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Logan Daniel Laborer African American Male 36 Drowning [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Tilles Creama Domestic African American Female 16 Influenza, Pneumonia 316 N Peter St B. Dunaway and Sons
James Daniel Childs Saw Mill Operator Caucasian Male 53 Hemmorhage [Unknown Address] Bernstein Brothers
Julia Caters African American Female Stillborn 387 Arch St Parents [family]
Carthen Caucasian Male Stillborn 153 New Ave B. Dunaway and Sons
Callaway Caucasian Male Stillborn [Unknown Address] B. Dunaway and Sons
Leonard Butler Farm Laborer Caucasian Male 17 Appendix Madison County, GA Dorsey Furniture Co.
Felton Butler Farmer African American Male 19 Brain Jefferson, Jackson County, GA J. E. Randolph [Randolph Brothers]
Brown African American Male Stillborn 128 Odd St Pauper, no undertaker; J. H. Booth, health officer
Ethel Lene Bonds African American Female 0 Unknown Athens, GA Bernstein Brothers
Nelson Billups Butler African American Male 23 [??] Whitehall, GA W. P. Hopson
Prudence E. Benton Housework Caucasian Female 73 Pneumonia Strong St & N Lumpkin St Dorsey Furniture Co.
Lizzie Arnold Child African American Female 0 Heart 312 W Broad St Mack and Payne
Adams Caucasian Male 0 Delivery [Unknown Address] Dorsey Furniture Co.
Nancy A. Whitehead Retired Caucasian Female 72 Paralysis, Brain, Hemorrhage 979 S Lumpkin St McDorman Bridges Co. Wray's Cemetery
Anna Whitehead Retired Caucasian Female 86 Pneumonia 800 Oglethorpe Ave McDorman Bridges Co. Wray's Cemetery
Lillian Belle Williams African American Female 0 Bronchitis [Unknown Address] Mack and Payne Woodville, Georgia

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